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During the Car Mart’s normal operating hours, the staff will make every effort to maintain regular surveillance of the premises during the day; a night guard service will be implemented after hours on Fridays and Saturdays.

Please Note

Car Mart assumes no liability for loss or damage. Car Mart patrons conducting business on the premises before, during, or after business hours do so at their own risk. Operation of any vehicle, personal conduct and liability thereof are the individuals’ sole responsibility. Damage, theft or act of nature are not the responsibility of Car Mart or its employees. Patrons agree to hold harmless and indemnify Car Mart, its owners, employees and subcontractors and Sonoma County Fairgrounds from any civil or legal claim arising from above-mentioned circumstances. Any vehicle remaining on premises after close of business on Sunday is subject to ticketing and towing at owner’s expense.

Common Courtesy

Additionally, it is understood that a code of conduct to respect all other people’s property is expected to be observed by both sellers and buyers when on Car Mart property. This includes being responsible for your trash and not littering or leaving trash on, in or around vehicles. Please use the trash cans to dispose of trash.

Notice to Adults with Children or Animals

Parents must keep their children under direct supervision at all times. Pet owners must keep animals on leash or in carrier, clean up pet waste and strive to prevent unsafe situations from occurring if possible. Car Mart reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

Proof of Payment Required

Anyone who is parked or is leaving a parked vehicle in the seller’s area will need to have their current proof of payment posted visibly on vehicle at all times. Those vehicles which do not satisfy this requirement are subject to ticketing and/or towing per code Sec. 21113. All others who are not selling their car shall park in the visitor’s parking area. No vehicles shall have visibly displayed “For Sale” signs if not paid for — NO EXCEPTIONS. This policy includes all Car Mart lot areas (sellers and visitors).

California Vehicle Code and Compliancy Policy

Per California Department of Motor Vehicles, California Vehicle Code Sections 11700 and 285, any unlicensed dealer activity by persons who conduct business on Car Mart premises is illegal and subject to criminal prosecution. Car Mart provides a service for private vehicle sales by individuals and does not allow dealer activity. This includes anyone selling a vehicle who is not the registered owner. It is the responsibility of the seller to obtain a smog certificate prior to sale of vehicle and provide this to the buyer at time of sale or transfer per Section 24007 (b)(2) of the California Vehicle Code. Smog certifications are valid for 90 days from date of issue.

Please Let Us Know

We want your experience at Car Mart to be a pleasant and safe one. Please let our staff know if there are any concerns about safety or hazards on our lot which may require our attention.